Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Liebster Award for first

Seriously first time nampak award ni ..Before this I dont know pon ada award ni.This adalah my first time to get an award.Thanks to Hana for tagging me. So, basically Liebster award ni is given to up and coming bloggers with less than 200 followers. Obvious sgt lah kan 100 followers pon me x sampai. Liebster award ni have some rules so their rules are :

1. Kena ucapkan terima kasih kepada orang yang telah mencalonkan. Korang kena letak link entry korang di blog mereka.
2. Korang wajib tampal atau tepek kasi ketat gambar "Libster Award" di blog korang.
3. Jawab 6 pertanyaan yang ditujukan untuk korang
4. Berikan 6 fakta tentang diri korang
5. Calonkan 5-6 blog yang mempunyai kurang daripada 200 follower yang korang fikir layak dapat Libster Award.
6. Reka 6 soalan baru untuk dijawab oleh calon terpilih.
7. Sila maklumkan kepada calon bahawa mereka telah terpilih untuk menerima Liebster Award.

| 6 Facts about me |
I miss living in Saudi.l own a business (follow my FB page Beeha's Craft).I have a blog since I'm in 4th grade but not this one.I really love the way nativespeakers talk.I usually like pink but now it turns to turqoise I guess.I love traveling.

| Questions from Hana|

1. How to be confident?
Thinking confidently.Its all about your mindset.When you think you are, you'll be.I often do that.

2. Whats your goal? Why you aim for that and how you gonna to achieve it.
I wanna be a doctor who owns a hospital.Coz I find it interesting  like wearing a long white coat, staying with bloods, treat people , do a surgery,  and lots more.By this, I'll need to really study hard and always have courage in facing all obstacles and challenges.May Allah ease everything. May Nabihah be a successful doctor.

3. If you could commit any crime and get away with it, what would it be?
I'd never thought of this before.

4. What you think about me?
Maybe friendly??? and cute as you say hihihi..

5. Whats the model of phone you use now and what you love about it.
Samsung Galaxy Grand.I love the way it work

6. Beach or mall? and why. 
Beach.Because I love the smooth sands, the colourful seashells, the fluffy and white clouds, the blue seas, the cold breezing winds and the time with my family.Nahhh...ahah.. I love nature..seriously hahah

I would like to tag:
• Husna Norazli
• Deeha
• Shafika
• Nashwa
• Lieza Mustafa
• Farhana

My question for them :
1.What promises have you never carried through for yourself?
2.If you could do anything or wish anything, what would it be?
3.Tell me about something you really regret and WHY?
4.Picture the child you once were, what were they really good at?
5.Based on your current daily actions and routines, what and where would you expect to be in 5 years?
6.Who do you always compare yourself to? and WHY ?

P/s: When you're done answering please comment ya.Thanks.

Friday, 30 October 2015

Memory of School 2015

Friendship comes and friendships go,
Like wave upon the sand,
Like day and night,
Like birds in flight,
Like snowflakes when they land,
But you and I are something else,
Our friendship here is to stay,
Like weeds and rock and dirty socks,
It never goes away.

#Last day of school, 30 Oct 2015.